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Basic Classroom Rules

Far from an exhaustive list, here are a few basic courtesies I will enforce in the classroom. Students have the right to learn in an environment free of the following distractions:

  • disruptive or otherwise unprofessional behavior
  • immaturity
  • off-topic comments or blurt outs
  • listening to music during class
  • listening to music in between classes
  • wearing headphones or earbuds
  • laptops or ipads*
  • cell phones
  • sagging pants
  • visible underwear
  • students sitting on desks*
  • students sitting at the teacher's desk*
  • students using chairs as footrests
  • touching the silent board
  • asking in English to go to the bathroom or to get water
  • flossing
  • drinks other than water
  • eating*
  • students working on assignments for other classes
  • reading off-topic books during class
  • classmates asking to borrow paper frequently (bring your own)
  • students tipping their chair legs off the floor
  • sleeping
  • chatting
  • teasing
  • bullying
  • any other behavior that distracts from learning

* Except when we use this for a specific activity, especially the eating

As the teacher, it is my responsibility to teach, the students' responsibility to learn, and school administrators' responsibility to discipline. Therefore, I will generally give students who choose to behave unprofessionally one warning and then send them to meet with school administrators to discuss how they could be less disruptive and more productive in class.

To support students' success, the following are schoolwide rules and learning strategies we teach students.

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