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Grading Policy

Grading Scale

This class follows a typical grading scale:

A+ 97% - 100%
A 93% - 96%
A- 90% - 92%
B+ 87% - 89%
B 83% - 86%
B- 80% - 82%
C+ 77% - 79%
C 73% - 76%
C- 70% - 72%
D+ 67% - 69%
D 63% - 66%
D- 60% - 62%
F 0% - 59%


Homework assignments are due when collected in class, NOT at the end of the school day. Homework assignments should be emailed or printed PRIOR to students coming to class; homework assignments done or completed during the class period they are due are late.

Late work is only worth a maximum of 50%. Late assignments can be turned in for credit up to two weeks after they are due.

If a student is absent, he or she is responsible for checking what assignments are due. Students have the same number of class days missed to make up assignments before the assignments are late; so for example, if a student misses three classes in a row, the student has three class days to make up missing assignments before the assignments are graded as late.

Students may turn in revised assignments up to two weeks after they are due. Students cannot retake midterm exams or final exams.

Learning Assessments & Grade Weighting

Instead of calculating grades in weighted categories such as "homework", "test/quizzes", or "in-classs work", grades will reflect as much as possible students' skill development in the language based on assignments that measure their comprehension and production of the language:

  • Receptive Skills: Assignments that measure the student's comprehension of the language
  • Expressive Skills: Assignments that measure the student's ability to produce the language
  • Knowledge: Assignments that allow students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the language and culture and to reflect on their learning

The total percentage of assignments in each of the above categories will depend on the number of assignments assigned in each category, which will vary per term.

These assignments, which will include tests, quizzes, homework, in-class work, and attendance to Deaf community events will constitute 85% of the semester grade.

  • Semester final exam: Assesses students' test-taking abilities in addition to both receptive and expressive skills in the target language

The final exam is worth 15% of the semester grade.

Unlike Jesuit grades online, which are cumulative leading up the semester grade, quarter grades for Edison classes as reported online are averaged together for semester grades. For example, semester 1 grade is based on 42.5% 1st quarter, 42.5% 2nd quarter, and 15% semester final exam.

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