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My Kiths' Poetry

I Remember Tomorrow

I remember times we haven't had yet
Times that only in our dreams can be set
It's when you are in my arms they occur
Memories created by love that's pure

It's a love that helps me recall the bells
It's a wedding to the town, the music tells
A happy day we can never forget
But still a day that hasn't happened yet

I heard my new born child as she cries
And then I saw her dancing in your eyes
With her mother's beauty, style, and grace
But memories of the future in this case

I remember the times as we grew old
Times we reflected of things we were told
Times we recalled the good and the bad
Again times of passing we haven't had

Last I remember the feelings of love
Again united on the kingdoms above
For us it was never, "death do us part"
I remember the end before the start

This is what can happen when love is true
The future's opened in my eyes with you
That's what I mean when I say I recall
Things in out life that haven't happened at all.



Love was
It was love
Now is,not was
It took time to grow
And much care did we show
So that we would always know
That our love would always be so
And now our love it stands through the test
Knowing that together we are the best
Letting us know that we won't end up like the rest
Knowing that it's forever, that our love's been blessed
Working for forever makes it worth the pain
The celestial kingdom will be our gain
Our love to last our eternal reign
And only this will keep me sane
This is all there is of worth
That we'll take from this Earth
Love will give this birth
All of it's worth
Up above
Full of


Beauty Complete

I stare in awe as I wonder and gaze
The beauty before me leaves me amazed
She is truly what the Lord had in mind
When he said there was beauty yet undefined

And yet what you see, when you stop and you stare
Will never begin to define the beauty that's there
Because it's all that she holds in heart, mind, and soul
Making the beauty within more precious then gold

If angels are jealous of ones in this place
It's not for the beauty she holds in her face
A kindness, a charm, a sweet spirit's delight
That is the beauty that they hold onto so tight

So you may not believe, as you look upon her so fair
You're seeing less then half of the beauty God has placed there
Yet this is truly the case for this goddess earth caught
For it's all in the beauty that the eyes have seen not

But now how do I show her inside and out
Both beauties she carries she does with no doubt
For it seems that she's blind, and by what I dont know
To both of her beauties and her heavenly glow

So I give you this poem from my heart unto thee
In hopes that your beauty you'll now start to see
It's my way of saying I'm glad God let me meet
A woman with beauty that's true and complete


The Battle

There once was a battle, great and tremendous
By the end, the scene was horrendous
No bodies however laid on the ground
But the sight no less still could astound
For this battle you see was not between troops
But rather a soul that was forced to stoop
Below the potential he always possessed
When he decided to blend with the rest

For his quest was a noble dream to believe
But others reduced that dream to achieve
For the committee called 'They' told him what he could
And he followed rather than do what he should
Thus the committee claimed yet another
Who lost his potential and settled with the others


Author's Note:The idea for this poem came to me as I sat thinking one day how it seemed that I was letting some of my dreams slip away from me. So many times we are discouraged by others from succeeding, because it makes us stand out. Other people often do not like to see people around them succeed, as nasty and terrible as that sounds, because they aren't. It all has to do with your comfort level, and if you are comfortable where you are, even if you don't like where you are, it is very hard to break free. With that in mind, I wrote this to keep this perspective in the front of my mind, and most of all, to motivate myself to break free from the grasp of others hold on my dream! All of us have the potential for greatness; however, each of us are individually responsible to see whether or not we will rise to become all we are capable of.

Power of a Dream

A dream is a delicate thing
More so than even a king
For without one guiding your very way
You could truly begin to decay
Dreams push us to what we can be
To truly become totally free

Not to say it will always be calm
For sometimes it will attack with a bomb
For even the sun in all its power
Still occasionally behind the cloud cowers
But yet of worth shall it be
When it breaks and we can see
How this dream has pushed us on
To reach beyond before it's gone


Author's Note:This poem was written basically in response to my feelings in relation to the title. A dream is what motivates us when we feel we can go no further ourselves. God has given us great gifts, and I believe that a dream, or vision, is one of the greatest gifts he has given us. For a dream, accompanied by faith, is a guaranteed recipe for success! If you have a dream, and the faith that you can accomplish that dream, there is nothing you can't do.

Wonder of Wonders

The ocean is always so peaceful and still
Gently rising above the small hill
Many will watch this in awe and wonder
Never seeing the power and thunder
That underneath the tranquil front
Is churning and working to pull off the stunt

Dreams work in much the same way
Never a showy role do they play
They are simple, though not understood at all
For many they've caused to take a great fall

Champions are made by dream's great power
Yet so are also those that cower
For it lies in us all how we will choose
To harness this power or decide to lose


Author's Note:One day while I was at the Oregon coast, just watching the waves come up on the beach, I was thinking of what is actually going on under those seemingly peaceful waves. Along Oregon's coasts, there is frequently a strong undertow a short ways out, often only waist deep or so, and there have been instances where people have been ripped out to sea and drowned by these mysterious, and invisible undertows. It was those thoughts that made me begin to equate the ocean to dreams. For waves seem peaceful and tranquil on the top, but underneath are the deadly undertows that no one can see. So the first message is to respect a dream, don't underestimate it, that you might not be drowned by it. It is the fear of a dream or vision that causes some to cower away from their dream, and for others, it is a challenge that must be and is met. So the same power, the same ocean, if you will, is both the downfall and the victory for people, depending only upon how people choose to view their ocean.

A Special Friend

There is a special friend I know
To whom there is so much I owe
He has given me so very much
Starting with such a simple touch
Showing me the way to really be;
The path to become fully free
And though I try to stand up tall
As I live I sometimes fall
Yet nothing I've done has dimmed his hope
That through it all I'll be able to cope
For all the trials I daily bear
Are still but only little cares
To have the cold you need the heat
And without the bitter there is no sweet
Fighting through adversity makes us strong
Though sometimes you feel you can't go on
Yet by yourself you need not stand
For there is one with a helping hand
So with his help I'll continue to try
To get up the hill where it is high
So I can see the view all around
Rather than trying to look from the ground
Because for each of us he really died
Now we can return to Christ's side


Author's Note:This one is rooted in my religious belief, which makes itself pretty evident. However, I feel I have done a good job of getting a lot of feelings contained in this sort poem. We all have days, or even a lot longer periods of time, where it seems everything is going wrong, and there is no hope. But if we can find a way to lift our eyes above the day to day cares, and try to view our situation from a distant perspective, it can give us increased hope that our present challenges are all temporary in nature. After all, we must have bad times, or we would never really know and appreciate when we had good times. It is necessary to have opposition, for that is the nature of this mortal life. But when you really do feel there is no one else to turn to, Jesus Christ is always there. He simply waits for us to turn to him, for he is always there, we must simply have faith in him.

Poetry copyright © 1998 by F. C. Stamps

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