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My Father's Poetry

Poems by K. M. Stamps

Mrs. Goat

When Mrs. Goat met Miss Frog
She found her sitting on a log
Miss Frog looked at Mrs. Goat
With a bug sticking out her throat
Mrs. Goat said, "You silly thing
You catch those bugs right on the wing
Then how quickly you gulp them down
Fore they can even make much sound
I never could eat such as that
If I did I might get fat
The leaner things are what I eat
An old tin can is hard to beat
And chewing on an old thorn bush
Gives me really quite a rush
Much better than does Mrs. Cow
Whom I chatted with just now
She calmly lays around all day
Chewing on her cud of hay
Or Mr. Pig, the old fat hog
Whose manners are worse than a dog
I don't know why you all can't be
So well refined as you see me"
Miss Frog looked at Mrs. Goat
Then slowly calmly cleared her throat
And said, "It's true I do eat bugs
And only rarely little slugs
But never ever would I flirt
Like you, with being an old stuffed shirt"
Mrs. Goat didn't know what to say
Miss Frog had ruined her whole day.
The other animals thought it good
And they stuck to their own food.


Our thoughts rise up to lofty heights
Our woes remain below
Our dreams take us to distant lands
Where we may never go
We seek a place of peace and bliss
Where troubles never are
We chase away all present ills
By wishing on a star
We chase the rainbow o'er the hill
To claim the pot of gold
Fame and fortune we would seek
All that we could hold
Knowledge great and wisdom true
Treasures to be sought
All of these so greatly prized
Are with hazard fraught
The greatest treasures now are mine
Biding all the while
Peeking 'round the corner now
In the children's smile.


My computer doesn't like me
It hardly seems to care
Whether I am trying hard
To do my daily share
It stops just when I need it most
Refusing to go on
And mocks my effort silently
To get some work done
I search its secret devious ways
Its methods are well hidden
Just when I'm sure I know the way
It will not do my bidding
I rant and rail against it now
And pound hard on the keys
If it would help, I would beg
And get down on my knees
The books they sent me seem no help
They're written all in Greek
And so to one who understands
I must humbly seek
They make it so easily go
Then chide me with a smirk
Just to take it nice and slow
And get back to my work.


We ask the young lads to sit still
But 'tis something that they never will
A boy must run fast and jump
And into others sometimes bump
He picks the flowers on the lawn
And counts the spots upon the fawn
And plays in the morning light
In his own world new and bright
Sometimes pausing in his play
Stirring courage to display
Then off again in a new quest
With only but a moment's rest
The evening's shadows soon grow long
And still the robins cheerful song
Then homeward now his path doth wend
A quiet evening he will spend
And dream that night of things to come
Oh, the joy of being young.


I found some lint stuck in my ear
Then I thought, now should I fear?
Am I about to lose my stuffing?
Or is this really only nothing?
I gave the lint a little pull
Gentle tugs make a good rule
The lint was the end of a string
Who would have thought of such a thing
As a string coming out of their head
By now I had began to dread
Was I about to lose my stuffing?
Or was this really only nothing?
I pulled and pulled ever stronger
The string kept getting ever longer
Until at last it all pulled out
Then I gave a joyous shout
The string was nothing need dread
But now there is an echo in my head.


Oh, the feelings of a child
Sometimes calm, sometimes wild
Often follow others lead
In example and in deed
They seem so happy as they play
Then change so often thru the day
The sunny smile, the stormy frown
As their world turns slowly 'round
Now bright again as morning sun
As outside to play they run
And thru the fields they do roam
Then quietly return to home
To share the treasures happily found
In the busy morning round
Of wandering thru the child's day
Where new emotions sometimes play.

Not To Be

Seek I solace in my home
Seek I never more to roam
Seeking quiet tenderly
Seek I now but to be free
Of life's burdens and its bills
Of life's toil and its ills
Seeking all this so vainly
So it seems, 'tis not to be.

Wanting quietly to rest
Wanting hope here in my nest
A hope so simple it would seem
To follow me in every dream
But alas, woe is me
Now I find, 'twas not to be.

Lacking pleasure in my work
My duty never did I shirk
Each I to dot, each T to cross
Yet each day seems but loss
To find in work fulfillment sweet
So very rare was I to meet
Though I try, oh woe is me
Though I try, 'tis not to be

Should I travel far and wide
Striving for such a joy inside
As the common peasant lad
The joy that when you I had
To play each day 'neath deep blue sky
To in greener pastures lie
Yet today what comes to me
The bitter truth, 'tis not to be.


She has this sort of sparkle
This look deep in her eyes
That causes me to wonder
To pause and then to sigh
What is behind her glances
What drifts thru her quick mind
One moment quite a tempest
The next so sweet and kind
Which leads me 'round in circles
Sent forth and back again
All the while smirking
With such a simple grin
I would that I could only
Probe the depths of her soul
Without then being accused
Of the manners of a troll
I love to watch her blossom
As the flowers in the sun
To see her lightly dancing
'Neath a rainbow in the sun
Oh, that I could only feel
The passion that she feels
As thru the quiet morning mist
She simply softly steals
To weave her daily fabric
A careful crafted roof
And feathers bright this nest
Here beneath my roof.


Style, form and substance are
The differences that we choose
Determine oft times whether we
Will win or we will lose
Small differences in form or style
Will often underscore
The final tally, the total cost
In peace as well as war
For all the courage of noble souls
That gladly would charge forth
There are pitfalls hidden deep
Both south and to the north
And those who choose the center route
Must carefully wend their way
To find the final lofty goal
To have the brighter day
For fools lie strewn along the path
Their dreams and strength are gone
It comes no more to them it seems
The cheery summer's dawn
But those who have chosen well
With purpose so steadfast
Obtain the prize with joy so full
To rest their souls at last.


A great requirement of life
To believe that which I must
To make a statement of belief
Of whom and that in which I trust
Who will promise me that which I need
In my lonely midnight hour
Who can temper my willful ways
And my soul so well inspire
Truth unto my mind to seek
Light I need for my soul
That I may be complete
In my life I may be whole
My mortal span would not be vain
My life would be complete
In service to my fellow man
To show him life so sweet
To help him know the path well trod
That he too may know
The road to find his own God
The sure way he should go.


How happy is my child today
As she begins her cheerful play
She sets each toy in its place
Then shows me with her smiling face
That she with careful deed
Follows her mothers loving lead
And as she sings a little song
She follows mother all day long
The love and harmony she knows
Is what she sees as she grows
Thank God for mommies kind and dear
Who gave life to this child here
A home so happy and full of love
Is but a shadow of home above
The happiness that we share
Because of heavenly parents care.


My girls play till late at day
Barbie and Ken the game they play
Quietly they practice life
Without the toil or the strife
And life seem as a fairy tale
Time passes slow as a snail
Till finally gathers up the dark
One now singing as a lark
As off to supper they will pass
Each a quiet dark eyed lass
Then away to bed, each with a prayer
That safe they'll sleep with quite a layer
Of quilts and teddy bears and dolls
A good night tuck, the eyelid falls
Then their journey is a dream
Till the morning sunbeams stream
And brings forth the morning light
Another day with promise bright
Up now they rise and ask to see
What the day to them shall be
A day of play, a day of hope
Of jumping, skipping with a rope
And so another day unfolds
They wonder what the future holds
But worry not and do not fear
Mom and I are always near.


At first the trip was not so long
The children singing a happy song
There was bustle in preparation
There was anxious anticipation
So much to see, so much to do
Hardly a moment to be blue
Then at last we're on our way
The open highway seems to say
Let's go, the miles slip by
My close companion gives a sigh
Then snuggles close to take a rest
In this quickly speeding nest
Later as the sun dips low
And the pace of travel seems to slow
Familiar scenes begin to come
Places known to only some
Where once they spent a happy day
And had time to carefree play
Then suddenly we've arrived
Another passage we've survived
To greet loved ones and friends
At our homeward journey's end.


Those who sit in judgment
Sometimes seem unkind
Seeking to do justice
At least to their own mind
Others they would chastise
And with scorn belittle
Pointing out the difference
Every jot and tittle
That sets them to be higher
A view so quite aloof
They might as well be sitting
Alone upon their roof
From their vantage point
They look down onto others
Who silently mock them
And all their fellow brothers
We wait until the day comes
When they will have to stand
To face their own judgment
In that far and distant land.

Leading Lady

Her brilliant smile, her quiet laugh
Her warm engaging way
Among her peers, she is tops
Her counsels holding sway
She points the way and sets the course
Whither they should go
And admonishes to hurry up
Those who are too slow
In her glow is merry mirth
And quiet counsel deep
Which blesses all her following
Who would her counsels keep
Beloved is she and well revered
By those who know her well
And great will be her legacy
Her story they will tell
Her brilliant smile her quiet laugh
Her warm engaging way
Will fond be remembered still
When she has gone away.


Holding lofty braches high
Reaching up toward the sky
The mighty tree, tall and strong
Bides its time, all winter long
Till the soft breeze of spring
Makes the early robin sing
Then from a quiet inner strength
Grows forth branches to new length
And in the early summer rain
Tender leaves shoot forth again
The leaves when they are fully grown
In the summer wind are blown
And send down a rich supply
From their perch up in the sky
Of sap to the trunk and roots
That gives another summers growth
Now in the higher branches rest
The woven thicket of a nest
Where baby birds are daily fed
And our minds are often led
To ponder if just next year
This tree will still be standing here
To greet each day with silence deep
And safe the forest world to keep


There is a mountain there in front
Today it is not so high
The mountain is still there in front
Today I'll pass it by
I have other tasks that I must do
Other hills to climb
This mountainous task here in front
I'll do another time
Sometimes I look it carefully over
The better route to choose
That I might gain the lofty height
And not this chance to lose
Tomorrow this mountain I may try
To climb its quiet peak
Today I'll climb a smaller hillbr> And smaller victories seek.


Joyously doth the music float
Thru the air, each tender note
So clearly sung will softly rise
In careful measure to the skies
A thousand voices sweetly blend
Together, carefully they wend
A song of joy, a song of praise
A song of life the voices raise
This sunny day throughout the glen
Now echo up and back again
Across the distant verdant hill
And renews my spirits will
To live and sing my own sweet song
Thru open field or crowded throng
Each happy note would I share
With all who would tarry there
Then they too will gladly sing
And the world would greatly ring
With song.

My Cat

She sits there staring so quiet like that
I belong to her, she is my cat
My chair she claim it as here own
My house her domain, my chair her throne
With a quiet meow and a long baleful stare
She demands that I should feed her right there
And should she tire of my lingering pause
She rips up the couch with long sharpened claws
So off we go to give her a feast
Worthy by far of a noble beast
But alas the sight of such common fare
She leaves with a huff, her nose in the air
To find a nice spot so soft and so warm
While laying so lazy, her head on my arm
And complains wit an obnoxious tone
Should I be aroused to answer the phone
Then sits there staring like that
I am her servant, she is my cat.


The snow is coming softly down
All is still, there is no sound
Through the gate, it beckons me
Down the path, past the tree
O'er the stream, up the hill
On I go; the winter's chill
Puffs my breath in clouds of steam
As the snowflakes downward stream
Faster now in deepening drifts
The quickening wind sharply shifts
My direction back whence I came
Never will I be the same
For I have felt the winters charm
Outside this home so snug and warm
And I have seen the hoarfrost white
In the brilliant morning light
And heard the crunching of the snow
I love the winter as home I go.

Summer Song

The bus now loudly fills with shouts
The school days finally have let out
The summer's sun is shining brightly
Thru the air there floats so lightly
Songs of youth, excited now
Never a darkly furrowed brow
Could disturb this summer's day
As the children race to play
The lessons that they carefully learn
Will in a distant memory burn
Out the bus door now they burst
On this day of summer first
What a time to be young
And sing your own summer song.


The fat tabby on the bedside rests
Where the little girl has made a nest
Together they will sleep till day
Then together quiet play
The gentle rub, the rich slow purr
Till she should slowly stir
So quick to come when she is fed
Then say "for this I left my bed?"
Tho she would often ask for more
I too have learned the score
This she will eat and complain
And tomorrow eat it again
Now they play in sunshine bright
And wait till evening's light
And again they will rest
Where the little girl has made a nest.


It hung above, the twisting sky
Us below with widened eye
The fierce dark storm to us did creep
As we lay fallow on the deep
Of the wind tossed sea, the awful sound
Of the wind, as we now were bound
To hell it seemed, our tiny ship
Though hardly larger than a slip
Bore us on into the gloom
Bore us on unto our doom
When at last we'd given up
To ever more at home to sup
The mate he spied across the wave
A bright blue streak that might us save
A patch of sky of royal blue
From hell it seemed a heaven view
To it we sought, we strained our back
For effort we did hardly lack
The blue came close, it opened wide
Our safety seemed so close inside
And in the calm we sailed deep
To seek a quiet restful sleep
But what was this? the sleep it was
More than just a restful pause
We found ourselves downward bound
Slipping faster than a racing hound
The blue drew us ever deep
To the bottom of its secret keep
A place where we might never leave
This place was now for us to grieve
We brought it round and fought it strong
And tried to bring it back along
The course that we had happily steered
From the storm, that course we'd cheered
We beat it back, we pushed it on
Into that fearful hellish throng
To escape the deep we would try
We sailed into the darkened sky
The wind sprang forth
From south and east and then the north
The dark it came and gathered round
And oh the hellish awful sound
Our souls did grieve, our hearts did sink
We worked so hard lest we should sink
Then again we saw the bright blue sky
Which beckoned us, it lay close by
To it we turned with wondering mind
Oh this time, would it be so kind?
To give us peace and safety home
Or lead us deep into the foam
And the chill of the deep
To a long eternal sleep
It called us on, a quiet sound
We now were northward bound
Into the blue we sailed forth
Pushing on unto the north
Into the sun, it was so kind
To our tired soul and mind
The mate looked up and pointed clear
To the top, we lost our cheer
We were again being sucked down
Down we went without a sound
We sprang forth again to try anew
The storm was refuge to our view
We turned again to that darkened track
Where once we had beaten back
Into the dark and fierce blown sky
Which was so close so meanly by
We sought this place above the wave
Where we could try our souls to save
Again the storm 'round us beat
The chill drove from us any heat
The blood ran cold the marrow sore
We scarce to try to fight much more
The waves were high, the boat ran low
Before the wind we did slowly go
Until at last the mate he spied
The bright blue streak upon the sky
We knew at last that we had found
Our voyage's end, the awful sound
Behind us slipped,
Somewhere a bell now softly tolls
It rings but once for each lost soul
A sudden peal with sharpened hue
For those who sailed into the blue.


As I go forth to work today
My mind doth often ponder
The worth of souls of those I know
I sometimes think and wonde

Should one be valued for that they know
Or a certificate on the wall
Or for the work they daily do
Striving to help al

It sometimes superficial seems
So very cold and shallow
To see someone not as they are
But for their market value

A home is more than just 4 walls
Doors windows and roof
The life that happens in that home
Offers up the proof

The worth of men is to be found
Deep within their heart
The talents that they daily share
The gifts that they impart

The world seldom knows us
As we really are
But judges us by what they see
When looking from afar

I am the one I choose to be
My reputation will follow
I will be known for my deeds
Thoughtful, kind or callow.

Poetry copyright © 1998 by F. C. Stamps

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