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Climbing the Mountain

Once a man was climbing up the mountain towards heaven, progressing as he climbed higher. But along the way he would fall from time to time. This made climbing the mountain very difficult for he could progress so much the farther if he did not fall. Each time he fell the fall was worse than the last, he being higher than before.

One time he fell down the mountain quite a ways. As he lied there still stunned by his fall, a good friend who had been watching him came to him and held him. His friend had seen his fall and that it was caused by his walking along a cliffside as he climbed. The man's friend being wise, and having seen this, spoke softly some words of reason to his fallen friend.

"I couldn't help but notice you keep on walking along the edge of the cliff as you progress up the mountain. And you have been falling from time to time because of it. Each time you fall it's worse than before. Please don't walk along the cliff's edge. I fear if you do, you will sooner or later die from the fall. And I don't want to lose you, for I love you so. And perhaps you may yet die from this fall. Please don't fall again. Please don't go to walk along the cliffside. It is dangerous enough on the path where the edge comes to you."

"I knew it was dangerous along the cliff's edge," said the fallen man, "but the view was so tempting."

His friend replied, "The view is best at the mountain's top."

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