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Finger Spelling with Tobey Finger Spelling with Tobey | Full Screen
Learn to finger spell with Tobey.
Tobermorey and the Riddle of the Stone Circle
Learn new signs as you explore.
Under Construction

Upon the Strand
Tobey & Katie go to the beach.
Behind the Scenes

Put your skills to the test! Toby's Finger Spelling Challenge
Test your receptive skills.
Tobey's lost Labyrinth
Tobey is late for a very important date!
Flying with Tobey Flying Tiger
Yes that's right; Tobey can fly! This is how Tobey first met Katie.
Finger Spelling Chart

Finger Spelling Chart
Print out the finger spelling alphabet.

Job Hunting with Tobey Job Hunting
Improve your job seeking skills!
Word Find
Sandcastle Maze Sandcastle Maze
Help Tobey save his day the beach.

Other artists' creations

Match Jewels
By Stian Thomassen
Time Travel
By Chelsea G. R. (NQN)
Cat Got Your Tongue?
By Kris Lewis
Planet Smasher
By Stian Thomassen
Area 50.5 Area 50.5: An Adventure Game
By Akril
Back to School
By Stian Thomassen
NoT QuITe noRMaL NoT QuITe noRMaL
By Chelsea G. R. (NQN)
Slide Puzzles
By Stian Thomassen



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