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"I can tell you my entire history in just five minutes flat...leavin' out the bad parts" --J. Golden Kimball.

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Cody at age 1, eating blackberries on our newly bought apple farm
Gravestone of our miscarried twin sons whom we are proud of
Exploring ancient ruins in Colorado
Exploring glacial caves in Alaska
Our wedding
Family I'm appropriately absent from this family photo, on my mission to Japan
Taking a break in my tent while fighting forest fires in the state of Washington
The U.S. Capitol

Tokyo, Japan

Park near Tachikawa eki just before the sakura bloomed
Out on maneuvers 16th Ward Paratroopers
Us in Indian regalia
Here I'm about to take a tour group of Japanese tourists together for another fun day in Polynesia I have no idea what kind of pose I was going for here.
Me wearing a Japanese yukata or men's summer kimono (that a friend from Tokyo made for me) at a local festival in Laie Shashin dozo!
Me at Snow Basin for the mens' combined downhill and slalom of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games

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